18 Aug 2021

David Graffner, new CFO at Layer Group

We are happy to announce that David Graffner is joining our team as Layer Group’s new CFO. He brings the knowledge we have been searching for to continue to drive our family of leading local craftspeople forward.

David Graffner

With his experience from a similar industry and development journey, David has exactly the knowledge needed to continue the ambitions within Layer Group. He will strengthen our central organization and at the same time be a great pillar of support for the employees at the companies. David has a mindset that is in line with Layer Group’s corporate spirit and that mindset will be a driving force in our development going forward, together with our companies.

-Working in a business that consists of several companies places high demands on our routines, and on the routines to not be just text on a piece of paper. It is important that they are also being followed up and used. It is equally important to unite in a common corporate spirit and to be able to ask for help, regardless of role. It will create many synergies for the individual companies, as well as for us a group. These are some of the experiences I bring to Layer Group and that I hope to be able to implement, says David Gaffner.

-That we were able to bring David to Layer Group, with his broad knowledge of finance and analysis will take us to the next level regarding reporting and new financial strategies. I look forward to close and long-term collaboration with David, says CEO Jonas Danielsson.

David, who has already worked his first days, will now delve deeper into each company in order to form an idea of how he can contribute to further development for Layer Group.