15 Aug 2023

Layer Group Strengthens its Position in Gothenburg - Acquires Allerby Måleri AB

Layer Group takes another step in the Gothenburg region through the acquisition of Allerby Måleri, a company known for its high quality and experienced personnel. With Allerby Måleri and Layer Group-owned Högsbogruppen, consisting of four painting companies in Gothenburg, we can benefit from an increased presence in an interesting growth area.

Thomas Lachonius, COO, and Viktor Allerby, CEO, Allerby Måleri.

"We welcome Allerby Måleri, a well-managed and reputable company that will fit well into our group. We have already seen evidence of their good collaboration with Effektiv Måleri, Rusch & Son, and KP Måleri, all part of the Layer Group-owned Högsbogruppen, and look forward to further collaboration benefits in a growing metropolitan region like Gothenburg. I have great confidence in their strong team led by Viktor Allerby, CEO, and Thomas Lachonius, COO. They bring competence and leadership to our corporation", says John Strand, CEO of Layer Group.

Allerby Måleri matches the corporation's existing operations in many ways, consisting of driven entrepreneurs, local leaders, and a priority on sustainability. Their strong customer relationships are a foundation of the company and are maintained by competent employees who take significant responsibility in daily operations. Allerby Måleri shares Layer Group's ambition to reach the next level in terms of quality and service and will now be able to benefit from the group's support and accumulated expertise. Layer Group is a decentralized corporation where each company continues to operate under its existing brand. This means that Allerby Måleri retains significant autonomy, but by being part of a larger context, they can harness a strength that enables higher growth and improved profitability.

"We are looking forward to Allerby Måleri AB taking another step in its development and becoming a part of Layer Group. Continuing to deliver building painting at the highest level and being a part of a strong corporation with the best companies provides further security and long-term viability for the company, our employees, and customers", say Viktor Allerby and Thomas Lachonius.

About Allerby Måleri AB
The company was founded in 1987 and has its ISO-certified operations in the Gothenburg area. Viktor Allerby, son of Allerby Painting's founder, is currently CEO and operates the company in close cooperation with Thomas Lachonius, COO. Their 25 painters carry out complex renovation and service work and specialize in painting contracts and projects with a high degree of difficulty in execution, timing, staffing, size, and geographical location, among other factors. They carry out assignments for state, municipality, private property owners, housing cooperatives, construction companies, and property managers, which can involve everything from interior and exterior building painting, fire protection painting, epoxy painting, and window renovation to classical finishing work. Allerby Måleri has a turnover of 25 million SEK with good profitability, not least thanks to strong customer relationships and recurring customers such as Svenska Kyrkan and several large and medium-sized construction companies and property owners. Their strong customer relationships are based on a prioritized sustainability mindset where long-term thinking, responsibility, and strong local roots are crucial.