18 May 2022

Layer Group continues to grow with painting and flooring operations in northern Sweden

Layer Group continues to grow with painting and flooring operations in Northern Sweden, with Arne Lundquist Måleri and Concreto Golvteknik in Luleå, Umeå and Boden.

Arne Lundquist
Robert Söderberg, John Strand, Niclas Söderberg, Kåre Sundström, Hugo Tullberg Wengholm and Robert Selberg.

Northern Sweden is a growing region with a great need for surface layer services. In the autumn of 2021, we were able to welcome Lundquistgruppen in Umeå to our group and now we are pleased to welcome Arne Lundquist Måleri and Concreto Golvteknik with painting and flooring operations to Layer Group.

Arne Lundquist Måleri was founded as early as 1957 and is today one of northern Sweden's most hired painting companies. The company combines new production and framework agreements in painting. In addition, they also have a well-established flooring business in the subsidiary Concreto Golvteknik, which will be a good addition to Layer Group's investment in the flooring segment.

Arne Lundquist Måleri has built up a large business in Norrland with a good market position and a wide range of services. Together with Layer Group's current companies in the region, they give us a position as a market leader in a region where a lot is happening in the coming years. There will be great opportunities for collaborations between the companies.

-Arne Lundquist Måleri and Concreto Golvteknik are in a growing region with large investments and high growth. We think that the four owners Niclas Söderberg, Kåre Sundström, Robert Selberg and Robert Söderberg have built a fine business that fits well into Layer Group and look forward to good cooperation between Layer Group's existing companies in the region, says John Strand, President and CEO Layer Group.

-We are positive about becoming part of Layer Group. It gives stability to be part of a larger group and it secures the companies' future and provides security for the staff, which has been important to us. Being part of Layer Group also means that together we can take advantage of the fantastic growth opportunities in the region. It will be exciting to be involved in writing the future of the surface layer industry in Sweden and drive development forward, says Niclas Söderberg, Robert Söderberg, Kåre Sundström and Robert Selberg.