14 Jun 2022

Layer Group strengthens its position in Skåne with the tiling company Stenmontören

Stenmontören joins Layer Group and continues its operations, under its established brand, in tiling with tile and clinker work in Helsingborg and the surrounding area.

Hanna Bornander, CEO and Lars Pålsson, founder

Together with Ekbladhs in Landskrona, which has been part of the group since 2020, Layer Group will be a leader in tiling in western Skåne. Stenmontören is very skilled at running tiling projects and specializes primarily in new production. Stenmontören will complement existing companies in Layer Group well and generate large collaboration gains.

Lars Pålsson, founder, and Hanna Bornander, CEO, have so far owned and run the company together. They have done a very good job and have made sure to build good customer relationships, a competent workforce and generated a high level of profitability in the company. Their work is resource efficient and they have created an organization that is skilled at running tiling projects. Both Lars and Hanna will continue to work operationally in the company, which is very positive.

-I am impressed by Stenmontören's drive and focus on quality. They work with the right kind of customers, have wise pricing and run the company in an efficient way with competent staff. It is gratifying to welcome a company with a leader like Hanna Bornander, who have a lot of drive and energy. The fact that Lars Pålsson is also involved, both operationally and as a mentor, is a security as he has built the company from the ground up, says John Strand, CEO Layer Group.

-It feels both exciting and inspiring that we are now part of Layer Group. For us, it is important that our brand, Stenmontören, continues to live with a new, serious owner and that we and our employees can continue to work in a larger context with the security it entails, says Lars Pålsson and Hanna Bornander.