11 Jul 2023

Layer Group expands in Finland with the acquisition of Maalausliike Vainiomäki Oy

The painting and construction service company Maalausliike Vainiomäki becomes part of Layer Group and strengthens the group's presence in Finland. This is a leading company within framework agreements and will be an excellent complement to Finnish Kaukomaalaus, a nationwide painting company that has been part of the group since autumn 2022.

Vainiomäki Tre Personer

"This is a strategic acquisition that marks Layer Group's expansion and position in the Finnish market. Maalausliike Vainiomäki has established itself as a reliable and respected player in the industry, with significant experience in managing and executing successful framework contract assignments. Their expertise and strong relationships in that segment will be a great asset for us. We now have a strong foothold in Finland, which enables further growth, both organically and through carefully selected acquisitions", says John Strand, President and CEO of Layer Group.

Layer Group's journey towards a Nordic group started in 2022 with the acquisition of Kaukomaalaus, one of Finland's largest painting companies. Now we are joining another strong player on the Finnish market, especially in and around Tampere, where Maalausliike Vainiomäki has its areas of operation. Their geographical location gives us a good opportunity to expand south towards the Helsinki region and southwest towards Turku.

In addition to adding a stable and profitable company to our group, we also get an ambitious and driven leader in Maalausliike Vainiomäki's CEO, Sami Pekki. During his years as CEO, he has developed and expanded the company from a turnover of 5 MSEK to 37 MSEK. For the future, he has a well-thought-out growth plan and by joining Layer Group, Maalausliike Vainiomäki will have access to our entire offer in terms of support and the group's collective competence.

"We have high ambitions in terms of both profitability and growth and know that we offer our companies a good foundation to develop from. Our job is to support, challenge and push them so that they can take new steps forward and upwards. Maalausliike Vainiomäki will now have access to our entire portfolio of administrative support, tools, and collaboration forums. We see time and time again how the companies benefit from belonging to a larger context where we add professionalism in everything from sustainability to financial follow-up", says John Strand.

"We have done the right things and we have had a strong growth and Layer Group's professionalism will enable the company's continued future development. Through the collaboration, we get more competence and background support", says Sami Pekki, CEO, Maalausliike Vainiomäki.

About Maalausliike Vainiomäki
Maalausliike Vainiomäki was founded in 1938 and is run in the third generation by CEO, Sami Pekki. The company has its headquarters in Tampere and most customers come from there or the surrounding area. Their range of services consists of painting assignments, construction service assignments and kitchen manufacturing. Most of the painting and renovation work takes place according to framework agreements. They are also successful in the private market. Maalausliike Vainiomäki, with its 40 employees, is a stable business with good profitability. Turnover in 2022 was 3,2 million EUR and is expected to continue to increase.