6 Jul 2022

Mästarna Vision AB joins Layer Group

We connect our operations along Sweden's northern coast, and strengthen our position in Jämtland County when Mästarna Vision AB, with their wide range of services and long history, become part of Layer Group.

Jonas Berglund (Mästarna), Jonas Danielsson (Layer Group), Hugo Tullberg Wengholm (Layer Group), Agneta Qvick (Mästarna), Hans Tjernberg (Mästarna), Tomas Lindbäck (Mästarna), John Strand (Layer Group) and Åke Zetterberg (Mästarna).

Mästarna is a group with four subsidiaries and about 90 employees. They have many years in the industry and offer a wide range of services in painting, facade, flooring and rust protection. The customers mainly consist of public enterprises, large and small real estate companies, industries and private consumers. The head office is located in Sundsvall, where Layer Group is now gaining a strong foothold. The company's other units are established in Östersund and Härnösand and together they are a competent team that will bring entrepreneurship, innovation and smart solutions to Layer Group.

-This is a strategically important acquisition for us where we connect the middle of Sweden with northern Sweden to further improve cooperation between our companies. Mästarna is a well-established and professional group, which has good positions in its respective markets and good cooperation between the companies. Their management and employees have made a good impression and we welcome them all to Layer Group, says John Strand, CEO of Layer Group.

-It feels great to be a part of Layer Group! It secures the future for our fantastic employees and customers in Jämtland and Västernorrland. We look forward to participating and growing with Sweden's largest surface services group, together with other companies in Layer Group, says Tomas Lindbäck, CEO of Mästarna Vision AB.