2 Nov 2022

Layer Group continues to strengthen its position in Skåne with Malmö’s Palmkvist Måleri joining the Group

The Malmö-based painting company, Palmkvist Måleri, is a renowned company with expertise in renovation, service, maintenance and new production. The company is excellently led by CEO, Freddy Olofsson, who has created a strong group of staff and skilled painters. Layer Group acquires 100% of the shares while Palmkvist Måleri retains its established brand and strong local roots.

Palmkvist Måleri
Hugo Tullberg Wengholm, COO, M&A & Business development manager, Layer Group, Freddy Olofsson, CEO, Palmkvist Måleri och Jonas Danielsson, Senior Advisor, Layer Group.

- We look forward to welcoming Palmkvist Måleri to the Group and the collaborative benefits they will create with our other companies in the region. It's a well-run company fully focused on the quality of their projects. Freddy Olofsson has a flair for choosing the right project, and has staff who know how to work professionally and efficiently to achieve customer satisfaction and good profitability, says John Strand, President and CEO of Layer Group.

The three Skåne companies, Ekbladhs, Stoby and Svensson o Son, are already part of our Group and this further secures Layer Group's market-leading position and strong presence in Skåne, particularly in Malmö and surrounding cities. Palmkvist Måleri already cooperates with Ekbladhs Måleri and in the future we see great potential for close cooperation between all the companies in Skåne. Palmkvist Måleri is a very good addition to our southern region and brings great expertise to the whole group.

-It feels exciting and fun to be part of Layer Group. It will provide security, stability and strength for us at Palmkvist Måleri, and we look forward to new challenges together, says Freddy Olofsson, CEO of Palmkvist Måleri.

Palmkvist Måleri was founded in 1999 by Andreas Palmkvist as the sole proprietor. The name then became a limited company in 2004, with Andreas Palmkvist and Freddy Olofsson as owners. Since 2018, Freddy Olofsson has been the sole owner. The company currently consists of 25 employees and works in renovation, service and maintenance painting, and selected new production assignments. Their good customer relations mean they receive repeat projects with private real estate companies, businesses, housing associations and consumers.