6 Sep 2022

Operations in northern Norrland strengthened as Pitedalens Måleri, Procidens Golv and Procidens Måleri join Layer Group

The Procidens Group, consisting of Pitedalens Måleri, Procidens Golv and Procidens Måleri, is set to join Layer Group, thereby strengthening the group with well-established companies and a great team in northern Norrland.

Hugo Tullberg Wengholm, Layer Group, Ambjörn Karlsson, Procidens Group, Jonas Danielsson, Layer Group. Christoffer Granberg, Procidens Group and John Strand, Layer Group

Procidens Group, founded by CEO Ambjörn Karlsson, operates in and around Piteå, Arvidsjaur and Älvsbyn, where they have a strong market position and a solid customer base. In 2020, Operations Manager, Christoffer Granberg, also stepped in as co-owner, and together they drive Procidens Group forward with an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear methodical approach. Pitedalens Måleri and Procidens Måleri have good framework agreements with public utilities, housing companies and property owners in the region, which represent a large share of turnover providing future security.
Procidens Golv focuses on flooring, which also includes smoothing and polishing concrete floors. The companies operate in a rapidly expanding region, which benefits both them and companies in the industry.

-We are delighted to be associated with the Procidens Group through Ambjörn Karlsson, Christoffer
Granberg and their strong team. The group consists of well-managed companies that are a good fit for our group, both culturally and on a more strategic level. We already have two established companies in the region and the addition of Procidens Group brings significant collaborative benefits. We will also have a prominent position in a region undergoing major development, says John Strand, President and CEO of Layer Group.

-We look forward to being part of a strong group of driven entrepreneurs, and to having stable
owners in Layer Group. We hope to grow even stronger in our local market and develop as a company. This will provide security and added value for our employees and partners in the longer term. We are really looking forward to continuing our journey together with Layer Group, say Ambjörn Karlsson and Christoffer Granberg.