20 Jan 2022

Layer Group continues to strengthen its position in Norrland

Sanfridssons Måleri in Piteå and the subsidiary Tekniska Golv in Norrbotten will be part of Layer Group, which will be established in Luleå, Piteå, Kiruna, Arjeplog and in the ore fields in the area.


Northern Sweden is an attractive area with strong development and together with the Lundquist Group in Umeå, which is already part of Layer Group, we are creating a strong platform in the region. 

Sanfridssons Måleri is a well-established company that provides building painting, industrial painting and special work such as k-marked buildings. They have a strong position in Luleå, Piteå, Kiruna, Arjeplog and in the ore fields in the area. The subsidiary Tekniska Golv mostly performs assignments in industrial flooring and both companies recieve a lot of assignments from local construction companies, where new production is a significant part of the portfolio. 

-Pär Sanfridsson and Thom Hjerpe have built two well-managed companies with good customer relations and a strong brand in the ore fields and the growing Norrland region. They have a drive and focus on working with quality and doing things in a way that suits Layer Group. We look forward to Sanfridssons becoming part of our group and to start working with Pär, Thom, their strong team and fine customer base in Northern Sweden, says Jonas Danielsson, CEO, Layer Group. 

"The choice was easy"

With Pär Sanfridsson and Thom Hjerpe, we get two experienced leaders in Layer Group. For them, joining Layer Group feels like the right decision, both for their employees and their customers.
Pär Och Thom Sanfridssons Måleri3

-For us, the choice was easy. To be part of Sweden's largest painting company and at the same time be able to continue on the path we have had since 1986, with a focus on our customers and employees feels just right. With our new colleagues at Layer Group, we will be stronger, more competent and better equipped for the future, says Pär Sanfridsson and Thom Hjerpe.


Picture: Pär (left) and Thom (right).