18 Oct 2022

With the acquisition of one of the country’s largest painting companies, Kaukomaalaus Oy, Layer Group has reached a new milestone and established itself in Finland.

Since its inception in 2020, Layer Group has expanded significantly in the Swedish surface services market and today consists of over 50 companies. We have continuously evaluated other Nordic markets and have found a very sound company in Kaukomaalaus Oy. Their management team shares our entrepreneurial spirit and ambition, and will be an excellent start for our venture into Finland. An established business across a large part of Finland, Kaukomaalaus Oy provides a good foundation to build on and a strong team with extensive knowledge of the Finnish market.

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For Layer Group, the acquisition of Kaukomaalaus Oy and establishment in Finland represents a milestone and the start of ventures beyond Sweden's borders. With Kaukomaalaus in the group, we will have a strong foothold in the Finnish market right from the start and we aim to bring other successful entrepreneurs within Finland into our group to become market leaders in the longer term.

Kaukomaalaus Oy was founded in 1981 by Kauko Turunen, who during his time as CEO created a reputable and professional company offering a wide range of services. With headquarters in Seinäjoki and operational in seven Finnish regions, the company, together with its 250 employees, offers painting, plastering, facade renovation and other finishing services. Hospitals, schools, kindergartens, apartments and commercial properties make up a large part of Kaukomaalaus Oy's customer segment, with some notable customers including SKANSKA and YIT. With a turnover of EUR 20 million, today Kaukomaalaus Oy is one of Finland's largest painting companies.         

Kauko Turunen has played, and will continue to play, a central role in Kaukomaalaus Oy as he hands over the role of CEO and becomes a senior advisor. In this role, he will be a great support to the new CEO Jari Mikkonen. Jari Mikkonen brings 17 years of experience in the company and enjoys the trust of employees, customers and the entire organisation. Together with Kauko Turunen and the entire staff of Kaukomaalaus, we will have a great team for Layer Group's venture in Finland.

- We are extremely proud that Kaukomaalaus Oy has chosen to join Layer Group and that the vendors want to develop the Finnish surface services market together with us, as well as becoming part owners of Layer Group as part of the deal! Kauko Turunen and the Kaukomaalaus team have created a secure, high quality company and we are pleased that Jari Mikkonen will bring his experience and confidence in the company as he takes over as CEO. This creates a seamless transition for the organisation, with the added value of Kauko Turunen continuing in the company as a mentor and advisor. We see great potential in Finland, and together with Kaukomaalaus we have made a great start, says John Strand, President and CEO of Layer Group.

-We are pleased for the opportunity to be the first Finnish company to become part of Layer Group. Together with our skilled and engaged employees, trustworthy partners, and Scandinavian know-how, we can continue to develop and grow our business and ensure that “quality has its makers”, as our motto goes, says Kauko Turunen, founder of Kaukomaalaus Oy.