11 Feb 2022

We continue to grow in Mälardalen

Lönnbergs Måleri and Lönnbergs Fönster are joining Layer Group and we strengthen our presence in Mälardalen with both painting and window operations.

Robert och Maria

Mälardalen is an area with strong growth, high occupancy, new construction and a strong business community. Together with our operations in Västerås, Örebro and the Stockholm area, we now have a very good position in the region where Lönnbergs complements us well with a role as market leader in Eskilstuna and the surrounding area.

Lönnbergs started its operations in 1998 and has since developed into a leading player in Eskilstuna. The company performs both painting work and window renovation. In painting, Lönnbergs works with traditional painting with many large framework argeement customers in the public utility and new production. The window business is focused on renovating wooden windows and thereby modernizing and extending the life of them, which contributes to lower energy consumption in the properties. The window workshop will be able to work closely with Layer Group compaies in the region. 

-Under the direction of owner Robert Lönnberg and CEO Maria Blomqvist, Lönnbergs Måleri and Lönnbergs Fönster have had a very good development in recent years and we look forward to them becoming part of Layer Group. They have high ambitions and good ideas on how we can collaborate in the region and will fit well into the Layer Group family. It is also fun to welcome our first female CEO to the group, Maria Blomqvist, who does a great job of leading the Lönnberg companies, together with the founder Robert, says Jonas Danielsson, CEO Layer Group.

-I am proud of what we have achieved and I am eager to continue delivering our services. Being part of Layer Group is well in line with our ambition for development and growth. With our new colleagues in the Layer Group family, we can strengthen our position both geographically and in terms of competence, says Maria Blomqvist, CEO Lönnbergs.

-I look forward to working with the strong corporate group that Layer Group is forming. It provides both synergies and new opportunities and will be an exciting next step for our corporate group. We will continue our mission to deliver energy-smart window solutions that provide increased living comfort. Since our "window factory" in Eskilstuna is strategically well located in Mälardalen, I look forward to working with the companies in Layer Group. Together we can offer customers lots of newly renovated windows, says Robert Lönnberg, founder and active in Lönnbergs.