2 Nov 2023

Layer Group’s acquisition of Färg & Co Måleri in Arvika and Eda marks a strategic step into Värmland

Layer Group welcomes distinguished Färg & Co to the group. Dating back to 1919, the company is a traditional painting business in Arvika and Eda. This strategically important acquisition establishes Layer Group in a new region as part of its goal to secure its position as a leading player in the surface services industry, primarily in painting, flooring and industrial paint systems.

“We are very happy to welcome Färg & Co in Arvika and Eda to the Layer family. CEO Ola Eriksson and his team have built an impressive business with a sophisticated business model and industry-leading profitability. By entering Värmland, Layer Group is strengthening its position as a nationwide partner in our painting segment. We look forward to continuing to grow with Färg & Co, and we are confident that our shared commitment to quality and collaboration will lead to successful projects and satisfied customers,” says John Strand, President and CEO, Layer Group.

“Layer Group has made a very good impression and I look forward to developing Färg & Co together. We will now be able to benefit from the group’s strength while retaining our own brand and continuing to operate in our local market,” says Ola Eriksson, CEO of Färg & Co.

Färg & Co’s attractive service mix and carefully selected customer portfolio, especially in the area of framework agreements and renovations, make it the perfect fit for Layer Group’s overall strategy. With renovation assignments, Layer Group contributes to long-term sustainability by extending the
life of objects, and there is a firm belief within the group that framework agreements provide stability over time, regardless of market conditions. Becoming part of Layer Group will give Färg & Co increased support in their work and in the management of framework agreements, among other
things, and together they will create opportunities for growth in the region.

Attention to detail in both the contracts and their execution, coupled with superb customer service, are what set Färg & Co apart and make them a first-choice service provider in their local market. At the same time, they are helping to develop the industry with their use of partnering agreements, an approach that is more collaborative than traditional contracts. This is a positive initiative that establishes common interests and close co-operation with builders.

About Färg & Co
Färg & Co holds a strong position in the local market around Arvika and Eda and over the years has built up an impressive customer base, with major customers including municipal housing companies (Eda Municipality, Eda Bostad) local manufacturers (Volvo, Thermia) and construction companies (KEK, Peab and others). Building on their experience and expertise, Färg & Co has developed into a company with an annual turnover of over SEK 25 million and good profitability. Their 17 employees work largely on framework agreements and renovation work in traditional decorating, such as painting and wallpapering of apartments, houses and other properties. In addition, they provide exterior painting services for specialist surfaces, including industrial and factory premises and construction sites. Other painting services include fire protection painting, spray painting and maintenance work for public spaces. Färg & Co has obtained ISO-9001 and ISO-14 001 certification as a result
of its committed sustainability work since 1999.

More information:
John Strand, President and Group CEO
John.strand@layergroup.se, +46 70 233 07 69

About Layer Group
Layer Group is one of Sweden’s largest groups in the surface coating industry and consists of leading local companies with driven entrepreneurs and strong brands. Founded in May 2020, the group is a national player that can offer competitive services to both large and small customers, primarily in painting, flooring and industrial paints. Today Layer Group has around 1,600 employees and a turnover of just over SEK 2.3 billion, with a presence throughout Sweden, from Trelleborg in the south to Kiruna in the north, as well as in large parts of Finland. Layer Group is owned by entrepreneurs and the Nordic investment companies Litorina and Bragnum Invest, which together are the largest shareholders. Litorina and Bragnum are investment companies investing in small and medium-sized companies in the Nordic region. They aim to develop companies into industry leaders together with their management through growth, profitability improvement and increased professionalism.