18 Jan 2024

Layer Group's Subsidiary, Stoby Måleri AB, Acquires Ystadmålarna and Establishes a Strong Foothold in Ystad

Stoby Måleri AB, which offers painting and craftsmanship services throughout Skåne, Halland, and Småland, reinforces its painting unit in the Ystad region through the acquisition of Ystadmålarna AB. Stoby Måleri AB has been part of Layer Group since its inception in 2020 and is a well-known brand in southern Sweden, particularly in Hässleholm, where it has been present since 1969.

Sofie Ohlsson, CEO, Stoby and Rickard Persson, CEO, Ystadmålarna.


“The fact that Ystadmålarna becomes a part of Stoby and thereby also Layer Group is very positive. Ystadmålarna has skilled employees, stable profitability, and delivers quality, which are factors we seek in companies joining Layer Group. They have a strong presence in Ystad and will complement Stoby's operations in the area in a very good way”, says John Strand, CEO and Group CEO, Layer Group.


Layer Group has only been in existence for just over three years, but the companies joining the group have many years of professional experience. Stoby, which is now acquiring Ystadmålarna, has been around for 55 years and is one of southern Sweden's most sought-after providers of qualified craftsmanship services. Within Layer Group, the vision is to offer customers strong local market partners with breadth, quality, and affordable service. This offering is now strengthened in the Ystad region as Stoby in Ystad and Ystadmålarna establish a close collaboration.


“I am very happy to welcome Ystadmålarna to Stoby! They have skilled painters and an experienced leader in Rickard Persson, who will add specialized expertise to our operations. At the same time, I am proud that Stoby can continue to evolve and move forward in a time of tougher market conditions”, says Sofie Ohlsson, CEO, Stoby.


"It feels exciting to embark on something new! Becoming a part of Stoby and Layer Group gives us access to resources we haven't had before. It's also inspiring to gain several new colleagues and access to a network of all the skilled entrepreneurs within the group. I hope to contribute with my experiences and strengths locally, but also to the entire Stoby and Layer Group," says Rickard Persson, CEO, Ystadmålarna.


About Ystadmålarna
Ystadmålarna was founded in 2012 by Rickard Persson and consists of 10 employees. They undertake all types of painting tasks in renovation and new construction for property owners, construction companies, and consumers. Ystadmålarna has a good reputation in its market, and customer relationships are strong.

For more information:

John Strand, President and CEO, Layer Group
john.strand@layergroup.se, +46 70 233 07 69

Sofie Ohlsson, CEO Stoby
sofie.ohlsson@stoby.se, +46 73 326 55 77

Rickard Persson, CEO Ystadmålarna
rickardpersson@ystadmalarna.se, +46 70-898 52 32

About Layer Group

Layer Group is one of Sweden’s largest groups in the surface coating industry and consists of leading local companies with driven entrepreneurs and strong brands. Founded in May 2020, the group is a national player that can offer competitive services to both large and small customers, primarily in painting, flooring and industrial paints.

Today Layer Group has around 1,600 employees and a turnover of just over SEK 2.6 billion, with a presence throughout Sweden, from Trelleborg in the south to Kiruna in the north, as well as in large parts of Finland. Layer Group is owned by entrepreneurs and the Nordic investment companies Litorina and Bragnum Invest, which together are the largest shareholders. Litorina and Bragnum are investment companies investing in small and medium-sized companies in the Nordic region. They aim to develop companies into industry leaders together with their management through growth, profitability improvement and increased professionalism.